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BIRTH PLACE & FAMILY BACKGROUND OF :Hazrat Khwaja Sayed Faqir Mohamed Shah (R.A)
Hazrat Khwaja Sayed Faqir Mohamed Shah (R.A), a great saint of the nineteenth century was born on the 27th of Ramzan 1272 Hijri in Bara Imam Kotla, Ahmednagar . Hazrat’s ancestors arrived in India from Medina Shareef during the reign of Kutub Shahi of Golkunda. Rulers of that period had deep respect for Hazrat’s family, being Sa’daat and whose pedigree join to Hazrat Imam Jaffar Saadique (R.A.) The king of Golkunda gifted a land worth of one lakh rupees, but Hazrat’s grand father, Hazrat Sayed Qutbuddin (R.A), did not accept the offer as he thought that this worldly affairs is the cause of mutiny and migrated to Ahmednagar.

Hazrat’s father Khwaja Sayed Mohamed Fariddudin Badi-ul Qadri,(R.A) was also a great saint. He left for heavenly abode on the 28th Ramzan 1316 Hijri. His MAZAAR SHAREEF is in the military area (known as BUTT) of Ahmednagar where his Urs is performed.

Hazrat’s mother Subhaan Bibi died on the 15th Shaban 1284 Hijri, and buried in Chaar Saanka Kabarstan in Ahmednagar.

Hazrat Faqir Mohamed Shah (R.A) was well trained under the guidance of his father. He also received teachings from Janab Sharf Ali Baig, whose nickname was “Sajjan Saheb” .Later Hazrat was sent to Hazrat Mohiuddin Shah Saheb (R.A) for higher education of Arabic and Persian. Hazrat was also fortunate to be a student of Hazrat Moulana Khairuddin Saheb (R.A)..

Hazrat Saheb was married to a very pious woman, whose name was Sayeeda Chand Bibi. Besides being a housewife, she used to teach about basic tenets of Islam to illiterate Muslim women. She left this world for heavenly abode on the 1st Muharram 1364 Hijri and buried near the tomb of Hazrat Faqir Mohamed Shah Saheb (R.A) in Ahmednagar.

Hazrat had eleven children, out of which only two sons survived. The eldest son was Khwaja Sayed Mohamed Yasin Ali Shah Nizami Warisi Barkaate Chisti (R.A). He was well trained under the guidance of his father -Hazrat Sayed Faqir Mohamed Shah(R.A). He was a Kamil Hakeem and was a mureed of Hazrat Khwaja Sayed Habib Ali Shah Chisti Nizami Hafizi (R.A.) .He was bestowed with Khilafat by (his father)Hazrat Faqir Mohamed Shah (R.A)

He was also a poet and his nickname was “Taslim”. Khwaja Sayed Mohamed Yasin Ali Shah (R.A) married his maternal uncle’s daughter named Sayeda Fatima Bibi, Khwaja Sayed Mohamed Yasin Ali Shah (R.A) had 5 children out of which 4 survived (3 sons and a daughter). His demise occurred on the 11th Jamadil Akhir 1365 Hijri and his youngest brother Sayed Sharif Ahmed Ali Shah Faqiri (R.A) buried him in Poona at the age of 55 years.

Hazrat formed an Arabic Madrasa, which was in existence for nearly fifty years. He also established a “Khanka’ where he used to give “Talim’ to his mureeds. This Khanka was highly reputed in India and abroad. Hazrat wrote a number of books. Some of the following are:-

1. SHASH MAJALIS (Biography of Hazrat Khwaja Garib Nawaz)


3.QUTBE MADAR (Biography of Hazrat Badiudin Shah Madar)

4. KHUM KHANE MAHBOOB (An Anthology of Poems and odes of Khwaja Faqir Mohamed Shah) and many others.

Hazrat was also a great poet. He used to say “Filbadi Ashaar” .Hazrat got the Khilafat from Hazrat Khwaja Sayed Mohamed Habib Ali Shah Chisti Nizami Hyderabadi (R.A.) . Hazrat Faqir Mohamed Shah (R.A) spread Silsila-e-Habibiya to a great extent in India as well as abroad. He was bestowed with Khilafat on Sunday the 24th Zil Quad, 1321 Hijri in Mohalla Bazaar in the city of Hyderabad(Deccan).

The nobility of Hazrat Khwaj Sayed Faqir Mohamed Shah (R.A) can be guessed from the following facts:-

(i) Hazrat Faqir Mohamed Shah (R.A) being Khatimul Khulfa of his murshid was bestowed with all Niyamat and bounties by his Peer-O-Murshid Hazrat Habib Ali Shah Chisti Nizami Hafizi (R.A)(Hyderabad,Deccan). There is a great mystery hidden in the word ” Khatimul Khulfa” as our Nabi-E-Karim (S.A.W.) is Khatimun Nabin (S.A.W.). This point is fully explained in the book “Talimat- E-Faqir”.

(ii) Hazrat’s birth name was Peer Sayed Badruddin (R.A), who was bestowed in Khilafat as FAQIR MOHAMAD SHAH. Since that time people started to remember him as Faqir Mohamed Shah and he became so famous among the people as Faqir Mohamed that the people forgot his real name as Sayed Badruddin. For detail see book Talimat-e-Faqir.

(iii) Hazrat was a true lover of Nabi-e-Karim (S.A. W .) and his Peer-o-Murshid. He followed all sunnat of Nabi-e- Karim (S.A.W.) and his Peer-o-Murshid in all walks of his life as well as at the time of his demise and even after it. Here few examples are narrated: Our Nabi-e-Karim (S.A.W .) had to migrate from Mecca to Medina where he could spread ISLAM tremendously throughout the world within the period of ten years only. In the same way Hazrat also had to leave his home town and migrated from Ahmednagar to Poona where he was alive only for ten years and in that short period of ten years he spread Silsile Chistiya Nizamiya Habibiya .

(iv) Sheikh Amadudin Ismail (R.A.) brother of Sheikh Ruknudin (R.A.) wanted clarification from Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya (R.A.) what was the mystery in migrating of Nabi-e- Karim (S.A.W.) from Mecca to Medina Sharif. Hazrat Khwaja Nizamuddin Auliya (R.A.) explained suitably and said that due to poverty the people of Medina Sharif were unable to go to Mecca Sharif and in order that they must not be deprived from the bounties of Nabi-e-Karim (S.A.W.) Allah said to Nabi-e-Karim (S.A.W.) to migrate from Mecca Sharif to Medina Sharif and spread ‘ISLAM’ there, besides this there are a lot of mysteries hidden in it. The departure (veiling)of Nabi-e-Karim (S.A.W.) occurred on the 12th Ribil Awwal and the body of His Highness was given in charge of the Kabar Sharif for Huzoor’s Khidmat on the 14th Ribil Awwal. Similarly, the demise of Hazrat’s Peer-o-Murshid Hazrat Habib Ali Shah Saheb(R.A) also occurred in Bombay on the 6th Zil Hajj and his body was taken to Hyderabad Sharif and his last ceremony was done on the 10th Zil- Hajj. Similarly,Hazrat Khwaja Sayed Faqir Mohamed Shah (R.A)also left for heavenly abode and on the 6th Rajab 1361 Hijri and laid to rest on the 9th of Rajab 1361 Hijri in Ahmednagar at the age of 90 years. From the above facts you will observe how much he considered to follow all the Sunnat of Nabi-e-Karim (S.A.W.) and his Peer-o-Murshid.

During the lifetime of Hazrat Khwaja Sayed Faqir Mohamed Shah (R.A) , the Sajjada Nashin was ordained to Hazrat Mehboob Ali Shah. On this instruction from Hazrat Sayed Faqir Mohamed Shah Saheb (R.A) , his eldest son, Hazrat Sayed Yasin Ali Shah (R.A) bestowed the Khirka and Sajjada Nashini upon Hazrat Sayed Mehboob Ali Shah (R.A) in the presence of Khalifas of Hazrat Sayed Faqir Mohamed Shah (R.A) and various distinguished guests. This took place on the 11th Rajab 1362 Hijri at the Badawa(the third day of the Urs Ceremony of Hazrat Faqir Mohamed Shah (R.A) and Goolam Hussain Jatam of Vahoor took Bayet at the hands of Hazrat Sayed Mehboob Ali Shah.

Hazrat Sayed Mehboob Ali Shah (R.A) has bestowed Khilafat and Sajjada Nashini to his eldest son , Hazrat Sayed Mohsin Ali Shah Saheb . This ceremony was performed in Masjidun Nabawi in the presence of the late Haji Abdul Rehman Karjiekar , Mohamed Ishaaq Rawoot and many other residents of Cape Town , South Africa,.in the year 1972.
Similarly Hazrat Sayed Mehboob Ali Shah (R.A) has bestowed Khalifaat to lateHaji Sayed Habib Ali Shah (R.A)younger brother of Hazrat Sayed Mehboob Ali Shah (R.A) and to his other sons Haji Sayed Mohamed Hafiz Ali and Haji Sayed Mohamed Asif Ali .